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ConfLict Region Recruitment

ConfLict Region RecruitmentWe specialise in senior executive search and bulk recruitment to remote and conflict regions around the world. Our expert team of recruiters provide manpower supply to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. We have been supporting several NATO and US Army contractors and sub-contractors in fulfilling their human resources needs in such regions.

We have done a meticulous demographic study on the categories of workers available from specific geographical regions best suited to work in conflict and rough terrain regions. Skilled personnel to work in such regions are provided from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. Our specialisation lies in the fact that we can provide personnel with various skill sets from Dubai, which is a central point for flights to most remote locations, and can mobilise them on short notice. Our representatives in Dubai are available 24/7 for any assistance required.

Travel Management: tickets, visa and all travel assistance for mobilisation and demobilisation of personnel from home country to the remote region is handled by us. Our IATA approved travel division offers competitive rates for airline tickets for all major airlines, and efficient 24 hours service 7 days a week. We are also linked to all major reservation systems like Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus.

Payroll disbursement: we also manage payroll for all expatriate staff. We receive remittance from companies and individuals from around the world, mostly from the USA, Middle East and the EU. We then make payouts either through wire transfer, direct deposit, or demand drafts to the designated bank, as instructed by the individuals or the remitter. Some payments are made in cash where the families do not have access to normal banking channels.

We ensure we get the best exchange rates in the industry from our banks and have a well-organised mechanism to manage deposits into individual accounts. We have a resourceful and efficient house staff that is familiar with the business of money transfer, and maintains an excellent relationship with the local banks.
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We are one of the leading full-fledged money changers (FFMC) offering a range of services that include money exchange and transfer, to assure a hassle-free travel experience.
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