Trust Forex was set up in 1996 to meet the requirements of international tourists and business travellers. Authorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI LIC NO: MUMBAI,FM 1071/95), we are one of the leading full-fledged money changers (FFMC) offering a range of services that include money exchange and transfer, to assure a hassle-free travel experience.

We provide the best exchange rates in the industry from our banks and have a well-organised system to manage accounts. We have a resourceful staff that efficiently handles money matters, and maintains an excellent relationship with the local banks.

Money Changing

We cater to the foreign currency requirements of international travellers through our money changing services that include buying and selling of foreign currencies, American Express traveller cheques, and Axis Bank travel cards.

We offer money changing services under the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) for release of foreign exchange for personal and business travel abroad. We also tender foreign currencies under reconversion facilities to foreign tourists and NRIs against their encashment certificate.

We sell American Express traveller cheques that are a safe and handy alternative to cash when on a trip abroad. Wherever you travel, traveller cheques can be easily converted into the local currency; the unspent cheques can be later reconverted to cash at the prevailing rates.

The Axis Bank Travel Card made available by us is a foreign currency card that is easy to use and makes your foreign visit convenient. It is a pre-paid card that can be filled up with foreign currency in India and used to withdraw cash in the local currency.

International Money Transfer

We offer money transfer services under the MTSS (Money Transfer Service Scheme ) approved by the RBI through our overseas principal Royal Exchange Inc (USA).

MTSS is a quick and easy way of transferring personal remittances from abroad to beneficiaries in India. Only personal remittances, such as those that are towards family maintenance and those that favour foreign tourists visiting India, are permissible. Through this system we would be able to disburse the funds to the beneficiaries at ongoing exchange rates by way of bank transfers, demand drafts cheques and cash up to ` 50,000.

We are also one of the sub agents of MoneyGram offering the same services.

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